Privacy Policy

Get Control, Inc. (GCI) is committed to the satisfaction of our customers.

GCI may collect personally identifiable information from you in the following situations:

In these situations, GCI may gather the following personal information:

When GCI solicits your personal information, we may also request additional information related to the deployment of our products. We may analyze this information to identify areas for product improvement, or potential markets.

GCI will use your personal information to gather details of problem reports or suggestions, and to communicate the resolution of those issues.

Unless you explicitly request it, GCI will not use your personal information for unsolicited promotional communications, or to inform you of upgrades or bug fixes, either. If you want to receive these types of communications, you might be able to sign up on our website. Otherwise, call our Customer Support team or write to

Your personally identifiable information will only be accessible to employees and agents of GCI. In order to communicate with you, GCI may need to share your information with certain third parties (e.g. a shipping company). GCI may also divulge your personal information if we are required by law to do so.

GCI's privacy policy may change in the future. In that event, the new policy will be posted here, along with details of the changes. However, your personal information will still be protected by the provisions of this policy.

If GCI has erroneous personal information about you, or if you want us to erase our information about you, please call GCI or write to See our Customer Support page for more information.