Design Services

Get Control, Inc. is a full-service engineering firm specializing in the development of embedded controller based products. Our designs range from simple to very sophisticated designs utilizing microprocessors and programmable logic devices. The following highlights the proven Get Control, Inc. product development plan:

Initial Consultation

Let's schedule a meeting or a conference call for your initial consultation. Give us a call or inquire via email. We would like to discuss your product's requirements with you, free of charge. After our discussion, we will follow up by providing you with a Product Development Estimate tailored to your project needs. Our estimate will outline your project objectives and provide budgetary proposals for costs and delivery. We will sign a non-disclosure agreement, if required.

Product Specification

Your product specification may already be defined by a marketing requirement document (MRD). Alternatively, if your product is not formally defined, we will work with you to develop a product specification. This is a document that clearly defines all of the functional requirements of your product including electrical, mechanical, and environmental specifications.

Design Specification

From the product specification, we will produce a design specification. This document defines a solution to your product in terms of hardware and software functional blocks. It also defines the packaging requirements of the product. It documents any design tradeoffs that are encountered. To conclude the design specification, we produce a preliminary bill of materials to estimate the cost of your product's parts.

Engineering Design

We produce schematics, printed circuit board artwork, software, fabrication drawings, assembly drawings, and finalize the bill of materials in preparation for building a prototype of your product. Critical hardware and software blocks are prototyped and tested for functional verification.

Prototype Fabrication

We produce a working prototype of your product and verify it meets the Product Specification. We then deliver it to you for your acceptance and make any necessary modifications to the product design to prepare it for manufacturing.

Pilot Builds

We design and develop test fixtures and software for use in manufacturing your product. A low-volume, pre-production run is performed to verify that your product can be manufactured reliably.


We assist in bringing your manufacturing on-line. If you prefer, we will manufacture and test your product to our high-quality standards in your desired quantities.


We deliver a complete documentation package to produce and support your product. The documentation includes artwork, fabrication drawings, assembly drawings, schematics, software documentation, software source files, technical manuals and user's guides.