Our Mission

Get Control, Inc. maintains a two part mission. First, to provide various industries with quality GCI products that aid in the analysis and testing of components and equipment. Second, to providing quality custom engineering, product development, and manufacturing services.

Get Control, Inc. produces a wide range of test equipment targeted at the semiconductor industry. Our products enable semiconductor equipment vendors and fabs to validate compliance with published industry standards, and trouble-shoot faulty equipment through data collection and equipment testing.

Get Control, Inc. also produces high voltage test equipment for the connector and cable assembly industry. Custom relay matrices integrated with off the shelf test equipment automate connector and cable assembly testing (DWV, IR, Capacitance, Diode, and Continuity).

Get Control, Inc. is a full-service engineering firm, providing expertise in all phases of product development. We work with our customers to develop, manufacture and support their products. Our custom designs are reliable solutions that are cost-effective to manufacture and maintain. By utilizing a combination of hardware, software, and programmable logic design disciplines, our product designs meet today's specific market requirements as well as provide a growth path for future enhancements and upgrades. Our mission is to provide quality, affordable design and electronic product development services.

We are committed to: