Cable and Harness Tester

Cable and Harness Tester

The Cable and Harness Tester (CHT) provides multiple testing capabilities for up to 300 connector/harness test points. Test capabilities include DC Insulation Resistance (IR), DC and AC Dielectric Withstanding Voltage (DWV), and 2-Wire and 4-Wire Continuity.

The CHT software provides map profiles for each of its connector banks. This allows the user to assign the unit-under-test pin designators to the tester's pin designators. Tables are used to define test parameters for the individual pins of the unit-under-test. Continuity maps define harness interconnections for 2-Wire and 4-Wire Continuity tests.

The CHT consists of an industrial PC, off-the-shelf instrumentation from HP, Vitrek, and Kepco, and custom high-voltage and high-current multiplexers from Get Control, Inc. Customer specific features may be added upon request.


  • PC-based control
  • Menu driven user interface for setup, test and maintenance functions
  • "Smart Learning" from known good harnesses
  • Durable rack-mount enclosure with heavy duty casters for portability
  • Use of high quality off-the-shelf instrumentation combined with Get Control, Inc. switch matrices
  • High quality vacuum switching relays used throughout
Test Ranges
DC Insulation Resistance 50 kΩ - 20 GΩ 100 - 2000 VDC
DC Dielectric Withstanding Voltage 100 - 3000 VDC 1 µA - 35 mA
AC Dielectric Withstanding Voltage 100 - 2000 VAC 500 nA - 35 mA
2-Wire Continuity ≤ 10 Ω Pass;
0.01 Ω Accuracy
4-Wire Continuity 0.1 mΩ - 250 Ω 1 - 99 VDC 1 - 10 A
  • Programmable Dwell Time: 1 - 120 s
  • Programmable Ramp Time: 100 - 2000 V/s