Tri-Axial Accelerometer Test Tool

Accelerometer Test Tool installed in a FOUP

AMHS and conveyor manufacturers utilize the Tri-Axial Accelerometer Test Tool to quantify and qualify the vibration characteristics during development, installation and maintenance of their systems. This industry-standard tool is used by 200mm and 300mm FABs to measure the vibration induced to wafer lots by their material handling systems. By detecting the early signs of track misalignment, systems can be maintained to minimize the vibration induced on the wafer lots. The Tri-Axial Accelerometer Test Tool can be used as a stand-alone unit or with the GCI Information Center to provide automated recording using RFID technology.

GCI's Tri-Axial Accelerometer Test Tool provides a precise vibration measurement solution for AMHS suppliers and end users. This tool simultaneously acquires and records vibration data on the X, Y, and Z axes during automated or manual transportation.

The Tri-Axial Accelerometer Test Tool is battery operated and self-contained. Adapter plates are included to rigidly mount the tool inside a 300mm FOUP. For 200mm applications, optional mounting plates can be ordered that rigidly mount the tool inside a 200mm wafer carrier. An LCD display and keypad provide access to configuration options.

On-board Data Reduction

The Tri-Axial Accelerometer Test Tool performs real-time on-board data reduction of 512 data points per second on each axis. Several data reduction options are provided, including RMS, Peak, Frequency at Peak, and True RMS. On-board data reduction is performed on half-second intervals (using FFT's) producing two reduced data points per second per axis for each reduction type. Recording capacity is limited by reduction type (between two and six hours maximum).

Reduced data is stored in battery backed RAM, and is available to upload to a PC until the next recording session is started. An RS-232 port is provided for data upload using a standard terminal application (i.e. Microsoft® Windows Hyperterm). Data is uploaded as formatted ASCII text that can be imported into popular spreadsheet applications for analysis.

Time Domain Recording Option

The Tri-Axial Accelerometer Test Tool can be optionally configured with the Time Domain Recording option, which records time domain data to a Secure Digital memory card. With this option, Tri-Axial Accelerometer Test Tool records 512 time-domain data points per axis per second directly onto an installed SD Card. Recording capacity is limited by available space on the SD Card (up to a maximum of 24 hours). Data reduction is provided on the PC using GCI's VibPlot application.

VibPlot Analysis Application

VibPlot Screen Capture

VibPlot provides tools to perform frequency analysis on the recorded time domain data. VibPlot duplicates the on-board data reduction available in the Tri-Axial Accelerometer Test Tool, plus provides additional analysis features, such as three dimentional waterfall plots, and color spectrograms. The time domain data can be displayed, along with graphs of the reduced data (RMS, Peak, True RMS), and FFT results for each 1/2 second interval.




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