E84 Handheld Tester

E84 Handheld Tester

The E84 Handheld Tester (E84 HHT) is the most efficient tool available for quickly testing, trouble-shooting, and resolving E84 problems. This self-contained, battery operated tool integrates the industry-leading automated load and unload routines provided in the E84 Emulator. It incorporates a number of industry firsts to quickly locate answers to E84 problems:

GCI's E84 HHT is the portable solution for E84 maintenance, troubleshooting and installation applications. It is an integrated E84 test tool with real-time signal display, voltage and current measurement and test result storage in one easy-to-use instrument. Use the E84 HHT to find fast answers to problems with your E84 interfaces.

Its SD card interface allows test results to be saved and transferred to a PC for further analysis. This interface enhances the organization of results storage, and simplifies the transfer of results to the PC for detailed analysis. Test results are stored as formatted ASCII text files and in binary format compatible with the industry leading GCI E84 Analysis Application. View timing diagrams of E84 signals recorded using the E84 HHT's standard Load and Unload cycle tests.

Due to the quantity of E84 I/O signals and their open-collector logic, standard meter measurement does not provide enough detail to determine E84 fault causes. Signal anomalies that cause E84 interface problems are best examined using analog voltage and current measurements provided by the E84 HHT.

The industry standard E84 Test Suite provided by the GCI E84 Emulator has also been added to the E84 HHT. Now operators can run through the same series of tests in a troubleshooting environment that were used during tool acceptance testing.



Package Contents


Load/Unload Test

Perform Load and Unload Tests using the Internal IR to recreate E84 faults. Alternatively, use an External IR device if the IR communications distance exceeds the Internal IR's one meter range.

The E84 HHT plots the E84 signals in real-time as the handoff operation progresses. It prompts for a FOUP (Load) or the removal of the FOUP (Unload) and simultaneously displays a countdown timer.

Test results stored to SD Card include test setup details (TA and TP Timer settings, cycle type), test completion status, and the real-time graph. Use the E84 Analysis Application for detailed analysis of the time plot.

Optical Transceiver Test

Connect an Optical Transcever to the E84 HHT and perform the IR Transcever Test to isolate E84 faults to the transceiver or the process tool.

The IR Transceiver Test verifies each optical transceiver signal independently and produces a summary report. Voltage and current measurements can also be displayed for each signal, in both the On and Off states.

Failure analysis include tests for shorts between signals, tests for shorts between signals and ground, and tests for open signals.

Test results stored to SD Card include all voltage and current measurements, pattern test results, and failure analysis error messages in a formatted ASCII text file.

Voltage/Current Measurements

Connect the E84 HHT directly to the process tool's E84 Controller to measure and display E84 interface voltage levels. All E84 I/O signals are displayed, including the signal Name, pin assignment, I/O number, and DC voltage measurement. Measurements are displayed in real-time.

Switch between Voltage and Current measurement display with a single option button.

Select Manual mode to change the E84 HHT's output states, and monitor the process tool's response.

Save measurements from the current state of the E84 interface to SD Card. Saved test results include all voltage and current measurements for all E84 I/O signals.

Test Results Organization

Test Results stored on the SD Card are organized by Process Tool ID. Each Process Tool is given an 8 character ID tag. Detailed Process Tool information can be entered to identify individual tools. Process Tool ID's and Information records can be created / edited on the PC using a standard text editor (Notepad®) and saved to the SD Card. New Tool ID tags can be created in the FAB using the E84 HHT's softkey interface.

Test Results can be easily transfered to the PC using the SD Card. Test Results are organized as individual files within a standard Windows® folder structure. Most results files can be opened using a text editor or imported into a word processor for report generation. Some files (cycle tests, manual control strip charts) can be viewed using GCI's E84 Analysis Application.

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