Serial to Parallel Controller

E84 Serial to Parallel Controller

The GCI E84 Serial to Parallel Controller (E84 SPC) is an off-the-shelf solution used by 300mm equipment manufacturers to provide SEMI E84 compliant communications for their products. With its built-in Load and Unload algorithms it is the perfect E84 communications solution for process tools, stockers, load ports, FOUP buffers, smart storage shelves and simulation load ports.

The E84 SPC easily integrates with equipment controllers through a standard serial communications connection. All handshaking functions are performed automatically with error detection and reporting, requiring only a minimal amount of communications overhead with the equipment controller. Alternatively, the E84 SPC can be implemented as a stand-alone controller utilizing its placement and presence sensor inputs. The E84 SPC is mounted in an extruded aluminum enclosure. The E84 SPC can optionally be ordered without the enclosure for mounting into standard three inch Snap Track.

Two AMP 3mm Micro MATE-N-LOK connectors are provided for all external wiring, including the RS232 interface (transmit, receive, and ground), six auxiliary inputs (for use with load port placement and presence sensors, light curtain sensor, and auxiliary customer defined inputs), one auxiliary output, and system power.

A female DB-25 connector provides a fully compliant passive E84 PI/O interface to connect with the factory AMHS or optical transceiver device. It provides 16 optically-isolated E84 I/O signals plus three reserved optical transceiver signals: Select, Mode, and Go. LEDs are provided to indicate the state of each PI/O interface signal. The +24V signal is available to power an optical transceiver device.

An API consisting of a line-based ASCII message set provides the software interface to the host controller. The API provides an automatic mode of operation to perform the E84 Load and Unload handshakes with minimal host intervention. Manual mode allows the host controller to control and monitor individual PI/O signals.

The E84 SPC requires a single +18 to 30 VDC 200 mA power source.

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