E84 Data Logging Device

Finally the solution every field technician and equipment owner needs to quickly locate and resolve signal anomalies, dropouts and glitches that cause E84 handoffs to fail. This next generation recording device is a small self-contained unit that inserts between the passive equipment and PI/O transceiver to capture and write E84 handshakes to its non-volatile memory. Its internal memory provides the capacity to store more than 50 FOUP handoffs. To extend its recording capacity, it can be configured to use its built-in diagnostics filtering. With diagnostics filtering enabled, the E84 DLD ignores good handoffs and writes only failed handoffs to its internal memory. GCI's industry leading diagnostic software, E84 Analysis Application, is included with this tool.

Factory automation is used extensively in 300mm semiconductor fabrication facilities. 300mm process equipment utilizes standard load ports with integrated E84 electrical interfaces to transfer material to and from Automated Material Handling Systems. GCI's E84 Data Logging Device (DLD) provides a compact solution to non-intrusively monitor and log the E84 handshake associated with 300mm material handoff operations. Coupled with GCI's E84 Analysis Application program, the E84 Data Logging Device is an indispensable tool to capture, analyze and resolve E84 handoff problems without interrupting the work stream.


Installation of the E84 Data Logging Device is simple. Disconnect the optical transceiver's DB-25 from its interface location on the top of the tool. Plug the DLD's DB-25 labeled "Load Port" into the tool's DB-25. Plug the optical transceiver's DB-25 into the DLD's DB-25 labeled "Optical Transceiver". Connect a serial cable between the DLD and a PC or E84 Handheld Tester and configure the DLD. After configuration, disconnect the PC or Handheld Tester from the DLD.

The DLD instantly starts logging all E84 transactions. Logged transactions can be uploaded at any time by connecting a PC or Handheld Tester to the DLD's serial port. Additionally, you can monitor the signals in real-time using a PC or Handheld Tester without interrupting the handoff operation.


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